Graham County Cooperative Extension started the Graham County Barn Quilt trail in 2009. The idea was proposed to create a barn quilt trail that would highlight the area’s history in agriculture and strong traditions in handcrafts, while creating a tourism activity. The community supported the idea and the Graham County Travel and Tourism funded the initial creation of the trail.

Many volunteers from the community and local organizations came together to paint quilt squares and donate supplies. The County and Town of Robbinsville worked together to hang the squares on barns, while Cooperative Extension organized and managed these efforts. The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area provided grant funds to the trail to create marketing materials, such as brochures and a website. It was a very successful community wide effort that had beautiful results.

The trail spans across Graham County. From Stecoah to Robbinsville, Yellow Creek to Snowbird, there are barn quilts across the communities in the county. Quilt patterns include traditional and non-traditional patterns. The Trail displays patterns such as Spinning Star, Ocean Waves, Inverted Log Cabin, original designs and more!

The Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center now manages the trail. Their focus is folk crafts and they are a vital contributor to the preservation of Appalachian Mountain Heritage in Western North Carolina.

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