Barns Quilts of Graham County

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Spinning Star8 Pointed Star

GPS Coordinates 35.32265, -83.85831

Info: Located in the West Buffalo Community on Santeetlah Rd.



Knight's SwordKnight Sword

GPS Coordinates 35.32549, -83.79782

Info: Knight Sword is located in the Town of Robbinsville close to the entrance of Robbinsville High School.




Inverted Log CabinInverted Log Cabin

GPS Coordinates 35.34110, -83.74783

Info: Inverted Log Cabin at the intersection of Sweetwater Rd and Beech Creek Rd. It was the first Barn Quilt in Graham County.



Spinning FanSpinning Fan

GPS Coordinates 35.30190, -83.79546

Info: Located on the Phillips & Jordan, Inc. Barn on Tallulah Rd.





Spinning StarBleeding Heart

GPS Coordinates 35.31750, -83.80159

Info: Bleeding Heart is a wildflower. The barn quilt is located in Robbinsville on Tallulah Rd.






Ocean WaveOcean Wave

GPS Coordinates 35.28952, -83.76736

Info: Ocean Wave is located on Burt's Creek Rd just outside of Robbinsville.




Quilt of ValourQuilt of Valor

GPS Coordinates 35.34339, -83.75221

Info: Quilts of Valor are made to cover all combat service members and veterans touched by war. This barn quilt is located on Liberty Lane in Robbinsville.



Flying GeeseFlying Geese

GPS Coordinates 35.31757, -83.80112

Info: Flying Geese can be seen from a distance off of Tallulah Rd heading into the Town of Robbinsville.





Spinning StarSpinning Star

GPS Coordinates 35.30501, -83.79493

Info: Spinning Star is located on Talluah Rd.




Spinning StarSpinning Star

GPS Coordinates 35.39315, -83.72578

Info: Spinning Star is located on Upper Sawyers Creek Rd in the Stecoah Valley Community.




Broken DishesBroken Dishes

GPS Coordinates 35.42668, -83.71844

Info: Broken Dishes is located on the pottery studio at Yellow Branch Pottery and Cheese. It is located on Yellow Branch Rd in the Stecoah/Tuskeegee Community.



Wheel of FortuneWheel of Fortune

GPS Coordinates: 35.42528, -83.72238

Info: Wheel of Fortune is located at the Robert Wood's Gallery on Yellow Branch Road located in the Stecoah/Tuskeegee community.




Paw's BarnPaw's Barn

GPS Coordinates 35.41072, -83.79895

Info: Paws barn is an original design. It is located just off of Yellow Creek Rd in the Yellow Creek Community.




SnowbirdSnowbird   Cherokee: "Snowbird"

GPS Coordinates 35.30346, -83.87472

Info: Snowbird is an original design by Jack Teesateskie. It was painted by the Snowbird Senior Center members, and it is located on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Snowbird Recreation Complex. The word "Snowbird" (du-di) is written above using the Cherokee syllabary.



Cat's PawCat's Paw

GPS Coordinates 35.31256, -83.83342

Info: Cat's Paw is located at the Cat Ranch Rescue.